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Nate Loper sharing about dinosaurs and creation science to public school students.
Nate Loper teaching students at Fleming Middle School

The GCSI provides educational classes in various fields of study, and courses that covers many topics in the areas of Astronomy, Biology, Geology, Paleontology, and more.

We have speakers available for presentations and teaching at many schools, churches, and study groups within Northern Arizona, and associated speakers available nationwide!

Contact us for more information!



Go to for more information and to pre-register your student today!

Our Genesis Camp was amazing last year!  Visit our page on Facebook for pictures, highlights, and more at:

Genesis Camp for Kids


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Click here to support Canyon Ministries and the annual Christian Leaders Trip!

Did you know the vast majority of our Christian colleges and seminaries do not teach a Biblical position on creation? Canyon Ministries is dedicated to upholding the authority of Scripture from the very first verse and presenting the evidence seen in and around the Grand Canyon, which supports a young earth.

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Why the new Noah movie is dangerous to your kids...

Why do we keep posting articles and reviews that are against the new Noah movie? Why can't we just leave it alone? Why can't we just take the good stuff to use as a witnessing tool and ignore the rest.

These are all valid questions that I've received over the past few weeks.  So here are some valid answers to those questions and why I think that not only is this film disgraceful, but also dangerous.

Noah Movie Nate Loper Genesis Creation Science Institute

Bill Nye vs.
Ken Ham

Ken Ham and Bill Nye Creation Evolution Debate DVD
Ken Ham and Bill Nye Creation Debate DVD


The Stargazer's Guide
to the Night Sky

by Dr. Jason Lisle

Jason Lisle Stargazer's Guide to the Night Sky Answers in Genesis Institute for Creation Research buy on Amazon

We recently took this with us on our Grand Canyon Creation Tour  so we could use the resources in it to understand and point out features in the night sky. Our students really loved it!


As a biblical creationist, Dr. Jason Lisle has put together a fantastic guide that we highly recommend! If you love the night sky and exploring God's creation in the cosmos then you'll love this book!


Includes 150 beautiful photos, full-color star-charts, easy to use illustrations, and video link for expert advice! “How do phases of the moon work? When will the next solar eclipse take place? What is that bright star setting in the west? How do i find Saturn?”


All of these questions are easily answered with this helpful guide. The heavens truly declare God‘s understand why!

Genesis Camp Creation Apologetics Kids day Camp in California

Building Noah's Ark Reconstruction project and information Not to be confused with Answers in Genesis and the Ark Park project.

The Genesis Creation Science Institute is dedicated to teaching the truth of Biblical creation science and history for the origin of our universe, our world, and life as we know it.

We provide educational courses, presentations, and studies, as well as creation-themed trips, field work, and events. The GCSI also runs GENESIS CAMP, a creation science apologetics day camp for students.


While you're here, please look around and let us know if we can aide you in any way.  We are always available to answer any Creation Science or Bible related questions you may have!






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Space Cosmos Galaxies Universe Astronomy! is a new ministry arm of the GCSI designed to help put together amazing trips through God's creation to the Grand Canyon and surrounding Flagstaff area, and eventually nationwide!  We are very excited about this ministry and the potential it brings.  Visit for information and details.



We've moved!

We have now moved and our ministry headquarters from Los Angeles to Flagstaff, Arizona where we are launching some exciting new aspects of the ministry and partnering with others like Canyon Ministries in order to bring amazing biblically based tours of the Grand Canyon from rim to river!

Stay tuned for an all-new website, features, and ways for you to get involved!




We had an amazing experience in Yosemite! 
If you are interested in joining us on our next camping and creation tour, please email us with your interest at!


When: Jul 13 – 17, 2014

Where: Yosemite National Park Bridalveil Falls Campground
Description: GCSI camping tour of Yosemite National Park. Cost is $150 for GCSI students, $200 for non-students.

Spots are limited! Email for more details and availability.




This summer we will once again run our Genesis Camp for kids in the 3rd-6th grades.

This is a 5-day camp designed to teach students about the amazing world that God has created and how they can believe and defend their faith!

We will incorporate exciting teaching, demonstrations, songs, games, crafts, and field trips to engage each student that attends!

We focus on the importance and relevance of the Bible, starting in the book of Genesis. Each student learns the latest in the realm of Creation Science and History including a Biblical understanding of Astronomy, Biology, Geology, Paleontology, and more! - Genesis Creation Science InstituteOur theme for this year will be a Global Expedition Treasure Hunt, with each day "traveling" to a new and exciting location around the world and including an entire day dedicated to studying Biblical Archaeology!

We are making plans right now to host Genesis Camp 2015 at the El Nathan Christian Camp and Conference Center at the foot of Mt. Elden in Flagstaff, AZ.

Go to t
oday for more information and to see pictures and highlights from previous years!


Nate Loper Genesis Creation Science Institute  Nathan Nathanael

Nate Loper


Genesis Camp



Genesis Camp Students 2013


FREE App for the iPhone! 



The best of a wide variety of creation science topics – now made available on your mobile phone!  We've packed this app full with over 100 great video and audio lessons on the go.

Think of it like creation science training in your pocket!


Genesis CSI Geology Astronomy Space Genetics Biology Dinosaurs Fossils Noah's Ark Flood





Genesis CSI on the Apple iTunes App Store
















If you would like a DVD copy of Genesis Conference 2014 please email us at

Individual session are $5, or you can get all 6 sessions for $25 all with FREE Shipping anywhere in the USA!

The entirety of the conference will also be available very soon on our YouTube channel!





Session 1: Bruce Malone Brilliant: Man Made in the Image of God
Session 2: Dr. Tom Kindell Design in the Universe

Session 3: Bill Morgan Which Came First, the Chicken or the Egg?
Session 4: Dr. Chris Osborne Molecular Genetics
Session 5: Dr. Tom Kindell Irrefutable Examples of Design in Nature
Session 6: Bruce Malone Censored Science and the Bible




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